St Mark's Church of England Primary School

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Design and Technology Statement of Intent


At St Mark’s CE Primary School, we believe that design and technology should provide children with a real-life context for learning which reflects the diversity of our world.  Design and technology lessons focus upon a project which has a real-life context and user to give children’s learning a purpose and to encourage them to think creatively.  Each project begins with a curiosity of how things work.  Similar products are researched and used to inspire children to create their own innovative designs.  Progressive skills and knowledge are taught to give pupils the ability to independently bring their designs to life.  Once created, our products are evaluated and developed to be even better.  Through this approach, children learn the design cycle of investigate, design, make and evaluate.  Skills and knowledge developed through design and technology are key in our ever changing technological world to ensure that children are equipped for the next stages in their lives.