St Mark's Church of England Primary School

A family working and growing together to reach our potential.

Who's Who

Staffing Structure 2023/2024


HEADTEACHER                                    Mrs L Mansfield   

DEPUTY HEADTEACHER                    Mr J Noblet   

SCHOOL BUSINESS MANAGER        Mrs W Yates        

OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR                 Mrs M Keirl


SITE OFFICER                                       Mr S Day

EYFS  Lead                                            Mrs S Lloyd

KS1 Lead                                               Mrs K Colley

LKS2 (Y3&4) Lead                               Mrs C Knights

UKS2 (Y5&6) Lead                              Mrs J Parsonage

SEN Coordinator                                Mrs C Cooper


Mrs C Cooper - Teacher

Mrs R Naylor - Teacher

Miss G Bradbury - Teaching Assistant

Mrs W Mallinson - Teaching Assistant




Mrs S Lloyd - Teacher

Miss B Ebsworth - Teacher

Mrs V McArdle - Teaching Assistant

Miss K Mitchell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L McGuinness - Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Hill - Teaching Assistant

Miss E Keays - Teaching Assistant




Mrs K Colley - Class 1C Teacher

Miss C Sharples - Class 1S Teacher

Mrs L Whitehead - Class 2W Teacher

Mrs C Knights - Class 2K Teacher


Mrs A Field - Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Mullen - Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss L Burns - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Gallagher - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss S Gregory - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Lockwood - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Singh - Year 2 Teaching Assistant



Mrs A Wilson - Class 3B Teacher

Mrs L Olive - Class 3O Teacher

Miss L Robinson - Class 4B Teacher

Mr J Ormrod - Class 4O Teacher

Mr J Noblet - Class 5NB Teacher

Mr L Brizland - Class 5NB Teacher

Miss K Eccles - Class 5E Teacher

Mrs J Parsonage - Class 6P Teacher

Mr D Butler - Class 6B Teacher

Mrs E Ball - KS2 Teacher

Mrs I Kiernan - KS2 Teacher

Mrs S Bruce - KS2 Teacher


Mrs L Unsworth - Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Watson - Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Earith - Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Allison - Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs L van Damms - Year 6 Teaching Assistant



Mrs J Johnsen

Mrs B Macdonald

Mrs L McGuinness

Miss L Shaw

Mrs L Whittle