St Mark's Church of England Primary School

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At St Mark’s we embrace that technology is everywhere and is playing an increasing role in our everyday lives.  Our aim is to ensure children understand the pivotal role technology plays in their lives and equip them to participate in an ever changing digital world.  Teaching incorporates the three strands of computing: digital literacy, computer science and information technology.   We want our children to become digitally literate and competent users of a range of technologies with an understanding of how systems work.  Lessons provide opportunities which develop children’s creativity, resilience and problem-solving skills by teaching them how to be ‘computational thinkers’.  We build the knowledge and skills that allow pupils to become independent users of computing technologies, gaining confidence and enjoyment in the subject.  We acknowledge that children spend increasing amounts of time online outside of school and want to ensure our children stay safe. Therefore, online safety is taught weekly in our ‘Tech Talk Tuesday’ lessons.  These sessions help pupils identify the risks of online life.  They enable them to safely navigate the online world and be responsible digital citizens. 
Computing at St Mark’s allows pupils to gain the skills that equip and prepare them for life beyond school and to function and succeed within the modern world.​